Born Pretty 9Z

Born Pretty 9Z

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Every Baby Niner girl is born pretty...the baby Deltas in training want to remind the world that they'll have to put work in to join the sisterhood one day. Now, that's what we call a flex!  White ninesie with three-snap closure, adorable flutter sleeves, and the glistening words "pretty" and "DELTA" in GLITTER

  • 65/35% Poly-Cotton Blend
  • White
  • Flutter Sleeves
  • Snap Closure
  • Expandable shoulders
  • Machine Wash

**This mock-up photo is not an exact representation of how the apparel will look upon arrival. This is because it doesn't account for the heat transfer vinyl's exact textures (i.e. glitter) and/or colors. 

[Coming Soon!] Our model photos and customer photos more accurately depict how the apparel will look upon arrival.**